Save Water This Summer

June 28, 2016 Save Water This Summer

Sprinkler Portfolio 2The summer sun can be pretty scorching and that heat can take a toll on your lawn. Your first instinct may be to break out the hose and start watering. While we all dream of a healthy, lush, and vibrant lawn all-year round, that green grass requires a lot of water. How can you keep the lawn of your dreams healthy without breaking your budget? Easy! Just follow these simple water-saving tips for your lawns and outdoor landscapes. A few basic techniques will help you reduce the amount of water necessary to keep your lawn and garden green.

The first thing you should investigate in your lawn care routine is how often you’re watering your grass. You should water grass only when necessary and make sure to water accurately. Set your sprinkler system to water in the mornings, not during midday or nights. Mornings are the perfect time to water because you won’t over water your grass and you won’t lose any water to evaporation. Plus, watering at night can aid in the growth of fungus, which can kill an otherwise healthy landscape. Also, investigate the position of your sprinkler heads. You want your sprinklers to spray across your lawn, not onto any sidewalks or streets. The only thing that will grow when you water sidewalks is the size of your water bill.

Speaking of sprinklers, try switching your current sprinkler heads to use low water sprinklers. While they don’t actually use less water, they distribute the water in bigger droplets. Mists and fine spray type sprinklers lose lots of water to evaporation. By switching to a low-water option, your lawn will receive just the right amount of hydration and you won’t end up with uneven growth across your property. You can also use mulch under plants and shrubs. Mulching prevents weed growth and keeps soil moist under plants. As organic matter, mulches also decompose over time and release needed nutrients to the soil.

As always, it’s a great idea to call your professionals at Precision Sprinklers and Lighting, especially if you’re considering using low-water sprinklers. Precision has the knowledge and experience you’ll need to properly install low-flow sprinkler systems as well as moving any sprinkler heads that are spraying your sidewalks. Call today and receive a consultation from our experts about your lawn care needs.

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