Celebrate National Water a Flower Day

June 7, 2016 Celebrate National Water a Flower Day

sprinkler-flowers-sizedMay 30th marks the official, unofficial beginning of summer! It also marks National Water a Flower Day. Water a Flower Day is that yearly reminder to show our flowers how much we appreciate them for their sumptuous colors and their fragrant blossoms. You all know that summer just wouldn’t be summer without honeysuckles!

The best way to celebrate Water a Flower Day is by giving all of your household and garden plants an aquatic treat. You could even visit the local nursery and pick up some blossoming beauties to add to your garden. We love lilies and marigolds. Also, a great way to care for your plants is to install a new irrigation and sprinkler system, so your roses won’t roast in the sun again.

If you already have a system installed, be sure to adjust your sprinklers to have an accurate and optimal water spread. If they cover a good area, then you’re going to have a healthy lawn and there won’t be any areas that are over-saturated because two sprinklers hit the same area. If you have any trees in your yard or plants surrounding your landscape, be sure to place mulch or gravel around them. That way once they are watered, there will be less evaporation and more water stored for the tree, helping save water at the same time.

Obviously, many lawn owners may not always have the time to focus so much on their lawn. They may be too busy with other tasks and could forget to adjust their sprinklers, or won’t have the time to water their lawn or plants. With that being said, it’s good to know landscaping experts who are proficient and well educated in irrigation. The professionals at Precision Sprinklers are willing to help out with a home owner’s lawn or garden and can properly help with irrigation and maintenance whenever needed. They’d even be happy to lend a few easy tips to help out with irrigation and lawn maintenance.

So, get out there in the warm sunshine and water those flowers! And, be sure to call the experts at Precision so you can make sure your flowers will have plenty of H2O all year round.


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